GASTRAFATE Rx....The world's first & only
high potency sucrafate at normal formulary strength!!!

ature uses epithelially mediated methods to treat cure GERD, Non-Ulcer Dyspepsia and even helicobacter pylori gastritis without antibiotics. Heretofore, little has been known of the interaction between saccharides molecules and the neuro-endocrine function of GI mucosa. Our technology potentiate the hydrogen-bonding of dissolved saccharide compounds resulting in products with novel clinical effects and commercial viability. Gastrafate Rx, the world's first and only high potency sucralfate at regular formulary concentration. Having been launched in India, January 2006, it is a commercial example of GI drug design in accordance to epithelial mediated cures. Visit to read more.
Anecdotal observation of 80% reduction of H. Pylori in patients during an unrelated trial, has prompted new efforts to see if Gastrafate Rx will be the first anti-biotic-free single agent therapy for H Pylori gastritis.