Mueller Medical International LLC (MMI)

Who We Are
Mueller Medical International (MMI) operates a portfolio of 5 commercial units assisted by 3 service units located on Storrs Road in Storrs, Connecticut. The companies have FDA licensed, patented therapies for oncology support, oral health, gastrointestinal health as well as active product development efforts in immunologic and pain disorders. MMI products are post-approval early commercial state and address both human and veterinary disorders. Unique patented technology enables saccharides to accelerate healing and in some situations prevent onset of GI disorders.

What We Do
MMI has created cross-linking-polymerization technology for common carbon compounds that accelerates healing. Its products are FDA licensed or FDA monograph-compliant. Specific MMI products can prevent or rapidly eliminate chemoradiation mucositis, rapidly reverse erosive GERD, NERD and irritable bowel syndrome. MMI created the only FDA-licensed topical gingival therapy for oral health & has developed a novel therapy for fibromyalgia nerve pain. MMI seeks to expand distribution & sales and initiate cGMP manufacturing.

How We Will Grow
MMI will grow by managing all three areas of operations.
Area #1: Deciphering disease to create prototype of patented therapies.
Area #2: Manufacture FDA licensed & CEmarked therapies.
Area #3: Market, distribute, commercialize therapies through promotion and well-timed initial public offerings of specific portfolio companies.

Timeline of Mueller Medical International
1989: Initiation of research activities of Mueller Medical
1992: Established Ashley Downs Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
1993: Established Glen Copel Pharma renamed Mueller Pharmaceuticals
1995: US Patent 5,447,918 Cross-linked technology creating 2nd generation Sucralfate compound
2001: Cross-linked polymerized technology applied to create 3rd generation polysulfate sacchari
2003: Established Sterling Foster Animal Health for Veterinary Gastrafate & Gastrolox
2004: Human trials on Polymerized Cross-linked Sucralfate – Heartburn/GERD/IBS
2004: Established Foster Medical Foods, sold IBS/Regulan, sold Carolox
2010: US Patent 7,795,239 on Sucralfate compounds (3rd generation polysulfonated saccharides)
2011: Discovered anti-inflammatory Polysulfonated Dissacharides (patent application commenced)
2013: FDA granted license to ProThelial, Orafate and Mucosalfate
2013: New international Patent filed
2013: Developing 4th generation polysulfonated compounds

MMI has a portfolio of five companies organized to commercialize its products. The patented therapies of each company are post-clinical, FDA licensed, pre-commercial and commercial ready. Two companies can be positioned as pre-IPO candidates. Among the companies, there are 12 commercial ready product lines, 10 of which employ a retail consumer business model. Two lines, ProThelial and Orafate, involve third party payers. Revenue-neutral operations in China, Germany and India are contemplated for both sales and manufacture support. The portfolio companies are supported by 3 service companies (units) owned and operated by MMI.

Mueller Oncology**: ProThelial(R) for chemoradiation toxicity and other follow-on products for Oncology Support
ImmunoThelial Therapeutics**: ITT-02 is an immuno-anti-inflammatory agent for fibromyalgia, over-active bladder, prostate enlargement, bone/joint pain
Oral Therapeutics: Orafate(R) for gingival diseases, oral wounds & cold sores
Sterling Foster Animal Health & Gastrafate(R) for gastric disorders in dogs, cats, horses. Gastralox(R) for Equine colic & Specialty anti-biotic-free Livestock feed (in development).
Mueller Pharmaceuticals: EsolgafateTM – EU market as OTC CE-marked heartburn agent. GastricRescueTM GI-shots-Nausea & Diarrhea (Convenience Stores). Foster Medical Foods-IBS/RegulanTM Capsules for IBS.

In oncology, oral health, gastrointestinal health and in the health of companion animals, the products of Mueller Medical International quietly but rapidly usher those who are ill back to health.