About Mueller Medical
Mueller Medical International is a privately owned life science company focused on turning science into solutions. Founded in 1989 and newly headquartered in Storrs, Connecticut USA, Mueller Medical has created products whose mechanism of action stabilizes the body’s mucosal immuno-physiology.

Therapeutics for direct sales in US, EU, India and worldwide include ProThelial™for definitive management of chemo-radiation mucositis, Orafate™ for oral surgical wounds and periodontal gingivitis as well as a host of prescription veterinary products for the GI tract. R&D has yielded products for the treatment of IBS, NERD, erosive GERD, Ulcerative colitis, viral/bacterial gastroenteritis, fibromyalgia and prostatic hypertrophy.

Our Values
Our work at MMI is guided by the following values:

  • Disciplined – measured & controlled in conduct, thought, & speech
  • Focused – mentally and emotionally fasten on tasks at hand
  • Methodical – ordered and sequentially directed
  • Persevering – persistent continuation regardless of obstacles
  • Honest – open, frank, fair & just
  • Considerate – mindful of how we make others feel
  • Faith – subjective trust in One higher than ourselves

At MMI we are focused mentally and emotionally, fastened to the task at hand. We are disciplined in conduct, measured and self-controlled. Our work is methodical, ordered and sequential. We are frank, honest, fair and always strive to be transparent and open. We strive to be considerate, always mindful of how our actions cause others to feel. And our confidence is in One greater than us all, motivating us to use our knowledge of science to serve the need of those who suffer.