Our Approach

Our Approach to Biomedical Innovation
Our approach has always been multi-disciplinary. We believe that significant therapeutic interventions arise for novel insights into a disease process. Novel insights are simply re-depictions of any disease as a closed loop of sequential events, events that are comprised of smaller interacting factors which relate to each other in a cause-and-effect fashion. Using our intuitive method of dissecting disease states into sequential events and then reliably identifying the critical interacting factors has enabled MMI to predictably innovate and create products for commercialization.

Why a Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Innovation
We believe that a focused multi-disciplinary analysis is the source of innovation. Every disease is a multi-disciplinary jigsaw puzzle of physiology, of mathematics, chemistry, biology, and mechanics. The puzzle pieces require assembly. But assembly must be in a manner that is informed by the science of multiple disciplines of study. Occasionally you get lucky, serendipity strikes and you sight a key or critical observation. These key observations are critical because they flag the sentinel the point of departure from the norm within the tissue or organ. Within that point of departure is the cause for the disease state. A multi-disciplinary analysis is indispensable to identifying cause of and thereby the solution for a disease.