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Human Prescription Rx
ProThelial™ is polymerized sucralfate malate paste that forms a protective layer over the oral mucosa by adhering to the mucosal surface, protecting against further irritation and relieving pain. The paste is used in the management of mouth lesions of all types, including stomatitis and mucositis caused by chemoradiation therapy.
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OrafateTM is a high potency sucralfate paste that contains standard potency sucralfate that has been reversibly cross-linked into “sucralfate sheets”. The configuration within “sucralfate sheets” induces ordinary sucrafate to layer on mucosa as stacked sheets which enhances sucralfate binding and surface concentration by multiple folds.

Three hours following administration Orafate™ achieves and maintains a surface concentration of sucralfate that is 800-2400% beyond generic sucralfate.
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Human Gastrafate(R)
Human Gastrafate® Rx is a product that can treat Symptomatic Acid Reflux, GERD, Esophageal Erosions, Gastric and Duodenal Ulcer, and even H. Pylori Gastritis as a single agent therapeutic. Preliminary findings of our clinical scientists show Human Gastrafate® Rx to have a broad range of therapeutic effects:

  • Near Immediate relief of GERD Pain
  • Near Immediate Relief of Nausea
  • Three day 95% Reduction of H. Pylori without antibiotics
  • Healing GI erosions, Ulcerations within 10 days of use

Veterinary Products

Veterinary Prescription Rx
Gastrafate® is a veterinary GI mucosal protectant oral solution, that promotes self-healing by supporting the animal’s own natural defenses. Gastrafate® suspension contains a polyanionic saccharide, Ulmus fulva (slippery elm) that is a non-systemic, demulcent, surface active gastrointestinal protectant which provides supplementary support to the physiologic elements of the GI tract responsible for restoring normative function.
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