Unmet Medical Needs and Innovation
An unmet medical need is a disease state or syndrome that holds within it a solution that has yet-to-be discovered. Biomedical processes move in harmony and disease is the disruption of that harmony. Disease is a disordered presentation of normal biomedical processes. At MMI, we believe that every biomedical disorder is understandable. We also believe that every disease harbors within itself, its own unique solution. It hides the errant step or group of errant steps that disrupt normal processes to create ones that are diseased.

An unmet medical need exists when physician scientists fail to shell-out the hidden solution(s) within it. Those solutions are the corrective measure required to address the errant steps and restore harmony to biomedical processes. In short our conviction is that within every disease, there is an innovation hiding within errant events. Innovation sits camouflaged by overlying normal processes.

We study the disease, but the solution hides within, staring back at the examining physician, defying easy identification or isolation. It has been our experience that through overlapping lenses of multi-disciplinary sciences, errant events within disease states can be qualified, quantified, and tri-angulated to disclose their roles in the disease state. Under the examining eye, every unmet medical need has its inherent solution staring back at you. This is MMI’s perspective of innovation regarding unmet medical needs.